'Makan Dulu'

'Makan Dulu' is a saying in Bali and other islands in Southeast Asia which means "eat first."  This is what you say when someone visits your home. Nothing happens before you eat. It is the beginning of a meeting, or of a visit from relatives, or meeting a new friend.

Food doesn't just feed our bodies, it also feeds our souls. 

This piece consists of a cookbook, table, and cutting board. It is part of a larger exploration of systems of consolidating, and dispersing of energy and resources. in this case, the movements of resources involved in building and sustaining our own bodies, and paying respect to the resources consumed to do so. 

This cookbook is a small collection of some staple Balinese recipes which I have eaten since I was a baby. The dishes which these various base preparations produce fills a space in my soul, and belly which I can’t seem to satisfy with anything else. Not only are many of the ingredient combinations in Balinese cuisine very delicious, their combination allows for the proper activation, and release of beneficial properties. For example, the largely celebrated health benefits of fresh turmeric often allude hopeful turmeric consumers as it's not being properly activated. One of the ways to properly activate turmeric is with the pairing of black pepper which is a consistent element in Balinese dishes, as well as many other dishes in South and South-East Asia.

The book is covered in nubuck sandwiched between two maple slats, and bound with Chicago screws to enable the expansion of the cookbook with more recipes. The images in the book are 1:1 scale and can be viewed either with, or without it's respective set of instructions.

Table and cutting board

In order to prepare a meal, one must have a working surface to do so. To this end I made an accompanying table and cutting board set to go with the book. The frame is fabricated out of stainless steel and has removable legs, as  well as a shelf underneath to store the accompanying cutting board, cookbook, and necessary prep utensils. all wood and metal was sourced locally at the time, and crafted by myself. 

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