Born in Baltimore, raised around the world, and now based in Brooklyn. I grew up steeped in a diverse cultural and creative environment. I was a little kid when my mom was doing her field work in Bali which enabled me to access multiple cultures and languages from a young age. This must've instilled a sense of wanderlust in me quite early on. a desire to explore and venture away from my 'mouse trails'. While I would credit my mother, and her side of my family with a significant percentage of my creative tendencies, I certainly wouldn't see the world as I do now without my Balinese side. The island is famous for it's prowess in the arts, and as cliché as it sounds, it feels like my creative drive runs in my blood. 


My Work

Throughout all my work over the years I've been practicing, I have been consistently inspired by natural components of my environment. I become drawn into the systems around me, and how I might be able to effect, simulate, or replicate these systems I observe, and re-contextualize them. I love to indulge in the unique properties different materials, and the techniques and craft associated with working them. My favorite media thus far in no particular order are metal, wood, leather, fabric, and light (through photography, but also as a sculptural media). 



Email    Julianbellowsart@gmail.com

Phone   646 . 481 . 4284

Insta      @ J.U.L.B.E.L

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