I see the world in terms of design. It's my approach to understanding and engaging with my environment. From as far back as I can remember I've been trying to figure out how things around me function, and sometimes how they can be better, at least for me. Some of my earliest vivid memories are of making sculptures in the woods with my mom after obsessively flipping through an Andy Goldsworthy art book. We tested the limitations, and strengths of using different natural materials to build our own ephemeral works. Inspiration can be found everywhere, from the natural environment, to the built one. 

Throughout all my work over the years I've been practicing, I have been consistently inspired by natural components of my environment. I become drawn into the systems around me, and how I might be able to effect, simulate, or replicate these systems I observe, and re-contextualize them. I love to indulge in the unique properties different materials, and the techniques and craft associated with working them. My favorite media thus far in no particular order are metal, wood, leather, fabric, and light (through photography, but also as a sculptural media). 

My work generally centers loosely around 'systems'. reflecting on my past work, and work I wish to make in the future, Light as a system and as a material is by far the most fascinating to me. this manifests most significantly in my photography, and lamp/lighting design work. 

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